Importance Of Review For Car Shipping

Charlottetown Car Shipping Service across Canada with Best Moves
Charlottetown Car Shipping Service across Canada with Best Moves

For folks who run car shipping companies such as Charlottetown car transport, then they could have had a false damage claim at least once. This experience teaches many of us that a proper Bill of Lading could mean all the difference between getting to keep the cash they make or losing it all.

Due to this, Best Moves advice to use as an electronic Bill of Lading and also photo inspection application. Even though it now provides movers with a list of other services, the photo check is what saves relocators the most. Apart from using it to verify that the inspection was done, it can help to reduce the time spent on this to more than half thanks to electronic wireframes and unlimited high-resolution pictures.

Manual and paper checks may have a lot of irregularities which is why this has revolutionized the car shipping sector. With these, such crews can be able to come up with standings and circumstances which will serve them best when it comes to picking up and delivery and also taking pictures of the merchandise. There are several pros when it comes to getting a detailed checkup such as:

  • Reduced to no false claims

By putting the photo inspections to good use, they could help car shoppers get out of trouble when it comes to false loss claims. This is because these show the exact condition of the vehicle before being transported.

  • Repeat business

When a check is done thoroughly, it does away with false claims. When folks see that there are no damage claims, then they will want to work with the company again, or even recommend it to someone. It will also ease the way one handles operations as it becomes more professional.

  • Quick payment

By using built-in tools and cash on delivery, it is easy to get your money from the client. Apart from that, it keeps an activity log so you can tell who has and has not paid.

One might think that using our program is complicated, but we already have a simple tutorial on how to carry out a good examination, and it is always being updated. We always endorse that people write down proper terms and conditions particularly on areas such as:

  • Pickup and delivery specifications (for instance, inoperable vehicles call for additional payment)
  • Set or non-set pickup times
  • Potential fees, for example, like for a dry run
  • Liability of objects left inside the car
  • Payment terms

Let those who have hired you mark reparations on the BOL and examination photos, so that this way you both have confirmation that a good job was done. It is also advisable to keep checking in with the clients to confirm that all is well. This could be anything from letting them know that it is undergoing inspection, following up when an invoice is sent and also getting them to sign the paperwork.

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