Celebration Ideas For Friends Planning to Move

Long Distance Movers in Red Deer AB - Best Moves - Canada
Long Distance Movers in Red Deer AB - Best Moves - Canada

Going away to a new place means leaving behind our loved ones, and more often than not, this is never an easy task. Even though it is hard to say goodbye to those closest to us, it is important to show them how much they are loved and that they will be misses by planning for them a goodbye feast. In case you have no idea how to go about that, long distance movers have the following tips on how to organize a fun bash for your pal, workmate or family member that is moving locally or long ditance for instance from Red Deer to Edmonton.

  1. Come up with a moving theme

An idea for this is building the celebration around the town that they are moving to. This can also inspire the type of food that will be served at the party as well. Research on what the town is best known for if you do not have a clue on how to go about it. As for the food, one could always hire a catering company as they could know how to make different foods.

  1. Give out favor baskets

The same way you will miss them when they are gone, they will probably miss the place and the people there too. So that they can have something to remember all these by, put together favor baskets that have things from the town that your pole loves. One can also add in foodstuffs that are specific to the place and that they won’t be able to find in the new area. To make it even more upbeat, put in silly souvenirs such as shot glasses or funny key chains.

  1. Create a memory video

Nothing beats home videos, especially if you want a gift with a special touch. Have a montage of pictures or videos of the GoH edited together, add in some of their favorite songs and then have it play for everyone. Viewing it with their loved ones there will make the individual moving feel much better and appreciated.

  1. Gift them with helpful supplies for the moving project

Having people bring over presents only adds to the stuff that the individual is moving will have to transport. Tell the guests to come with helpful moving supplies such as boxes since it will go a long way in assisting them to pack, especially if they haven’t gotten these things yet.

  1. Have a good-bye book before the moving day

Buy a book for people who have attended to sign. Make it a free space where they can write down anything from a quote to a sweet personal message. You can take photos as well and put them in the book. At the end of the party, check that the GoH has carried it with them.

  1. Organize a roast and toast

Have a moment where everyone sits around and shares a memory or something significant that they will always remember about the person, whether it is a happy one, sentimental, sad or embarrassing. The laughs and memories this will bring up will keep the mood upbeat, even as people say their goodbyes. Your friend will most probably also be delighted about knowing they touched the people around them in a special way.

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