My international moving checklist

Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move across Canada
Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move across Canada

I traveled from Poland to Canada 4 years ago. Of course, I listened to everyone and sought advice on what to bring with me to Canada. My acquaintances shared so many different opinions that I really felt puzzled.  

When you travel, it is always a challenge to pack your suitcases. Every time I  wanted to be super practical and took only what I thought was necessary, but eventually, I ended up with so many things I did not use during my trip! 

It’s no different when you relocate to another country. You have to think twice. 


At first, I thought about contacting the best moving companies Canada that can relocate most of my belongings including furniture items and even my car. The agent of the company that offered overseas relocation services explained everything to me. They ship the belongings in metal containers, it may take 6 to 8 weeks and the customs check the contents upon arrival.  Personal items that have been previously used are not subject to duties or other taxes upon arrival, but still, it is very costly and stressful. 

Vehicle Relocation

Two years before moving to Canada I got a brand new car and did not want to sell it or leave it behind at first. After I talked to a couple of car movers Canada, the relocation of the vehicle from Poland was no longer an option for me. It is a lot of hassle because your vehicle has to be qualified to be imported to Canada. As it turned out, my car does not even meet the requirements for import because it was not made for the Canadian or US market. 

Gadgets and electronics

I imagined myself waking up in a hotel on my first morning in a new country, what would I need for sure? Living in a world of digital information, you want to be equipped with all resources right from the start. 

One of the important things to keep in mind is that there may be a difference in electrical voltage in a new country. The power source in Canada is 110 V while in Poland and the rest of Europe it is 220 V. You will need transformers to be able to plug in those appliances because plugs in Canada are also different. 

I packed my mobile phone and also a couple of old phones that I no longer use but they still work, just in case. Things get lost sometimes.

I also took:

  • a laptop and 
  • an iPad,
  • a small portable bluetooth speaker,
  • earphones,
  • and all the chargers for my devices.

I packed the electric toothbrush that works with batteries and the electric shaver. Of course, I stocked up on plug transformers. 

From my own experience, I would advise you to leave behind the appliances that produce heat i.e hairdryer, iron, tea kettle, etc. Even a travel size item will break down because the voltage range is higher when they heat up. For those items to work properly you need a voltage converter or adapter, they can be very heavy and unavailable in stores. 

Books and magazines

I am a bookworm. Back in my home country, I used to be a subscriber to magazines and book series, but when you immigrate, it is not very smart to relocate your whole library overseas. I have changed my subscriptions to digital issues and also signed up for many digital book subscriptions. Digital editions are perfect to use on iPad or electronic books.

Family keepsakes

Those are the things that you will not get anywhere even for money.

For example, I took all the souvenirs that I purchased when traveling abroad – small figurines, magnets, some wall decorations. Also, I packed family photo albums, those old ones that you can not make digital. There were a couple of cross-stitched pictures that my mother made, so I took them as well. 

Summing up

Emigrating to Canada was a serious experience for me and my family. After I settled down in Sussex, NS, I thought I would never ever move again in my life! But the time passed and the moving stress was gone. I am getting used to my new environment and I see some people changing cities and provinces very often and using the services of Canada moving and storage companies.

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