I Was Moving To Alaska – My Own Story

Moving to Alaska with Camovers - Top moving companies across Canada
Moving to Alaska with Camovers - Top moving companies across Canada

You might think, “Why do you love Alaska?”
And I’ll tell you why! 

You might be wondering what life in Alaska is. It’s incredible! 

Tourists are ready to make this very long trip of several thousand kilometers. Let me share my story because I was hoping for a mystery, fantastic sights, and unforgettable experiences. 

The story began about ten years ago. I met a girl online and fell in love. After a certain period, I decided to move into my girlfriend’s house in Alaska. And it seemed impossible. There were many incredible stories! After ten years of living here, I know everything about this beautiful state, and I’m ready to share all the secrets with you!

A long time ago, when I was just a young student, I was looking for adventure! There was no place more vivid than Alaska. Thanks to destiny, I got the reason to relocate to Alaska. 

You can’t even imagine this wilderness and unspoiled natural beauty of the area. 

If you want to know more about adventures in Alaska, I’ll tell you about kayaking. Imagine you kayak around the glaciers and spot the Northern Lights. No, you can’t even imagine. You have to try it! 

Moving to Alaska - Kayaking

The wild nature is generous here! A bear or a moose might walk down the hill or even walk on the street. So you can watch, enjoy and share the city with the wild animals. 

I believe that you already started packing your luggage. But before moving to Alaska, I’ll tell you another side of the Last Frontier. 

You probably know about the challenges that come with cold and dark weather. It’s not that easy to reach the grocery stores, visit friends, or go out for dinner. It’s all because of the freezing weather (especially during the wintertime). 

Even though die-hard Alaskan people think of Miami Beach or Hawaii warm breezes, they will never move out of the northern territories. 

Today I want to share with you my favorite activities here in Alaska. I think it might inspire you to move to Alaska one day.

I love touring Alaska by air. And you know what – here, we have six times more professional pilots in the state than in any other US state.  It’s incredible to watch the wilderness from the air. If, by any chance, you were asked to join the air trip, don’t pass up! You’ll get the best unforgettable experience!

Moving to Alaska - Up in the air

When I first celebrated the Solstice with a Late-Night Hike – it was a Big Deal! For Alaskans, this means either the high tide of summer light or the halfway point of winter darkness. When I went for the late-night hike for Summer Solstice – it was 24-hour sunshine and breathtaking wild nature all over.

I’d also recommend visiting the Chena Hot Springs. You will love to soak in the hot springs, and it’s open year-round! If you just moved to Alaska and it’s winter, don’t take your hat off cause your hair will get frozen while your body will stay warm and delighted. 

Even here in Alaska, sometimes I want to escape from everything and everyone. The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, with its 60 lakes – will refresh your mind to the fullness. Here you will meet bald eagles, beavers, moose, and bears. Wild nature is inspiring and empowering. 

Moving to Alaska - Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska is unlike any other place you’ve ever lived before.
Once seen, never forgotten.

I’d like to tell you about living in Alaska, day-to-day routine, prices, and much more. 

Before moving to Alaska, you should know the cost of living.

The cost of living in Alaska is 28% higher than average nationally. If you ask me “Why?”, I’ll give you the answer. Alaska is isolated. Most of the groceries and other staff have to be shipped to Alaska, which drives the cost up. 

But why do people think about money? What if the cost of living could be calculated in terms of satisfaction? In this case, Alaska will rank #1 place! People here are smarter! We know how to save more while spending less. We love fishing here. It’s a good idea to release the stress and get some fresh fish. By shopping at farmer’s markets, we support the locals, and we get connections. Later we help each other if needed. 

When you decide to move to Alaska you should know about the highway system.

I would say 75% of Alaska is inaccessible by car. But here we have 33 ports! Did you know that  Alaska Marine Highway is the busiest ferry service here?

Depending on where you decide to live, you might need to use a plane. Since a big part of the area is wild and untouched, you will get used to air taxis and railroads to get you where you need to go. 

Moving to Alaska - Railroads

Major festivals and events that you shouldn’t miss after settling in.

I just love the winter festival – Fur Rendezvous (or also known as “Fur Rondy”), which was first held in 1935. We love to show our fur hats and jackets, boots, and winter spirit. Fur Rondy pins – is a unique pin that is designed every year by different local artists.

Moving to Alaska - Fur Rondy

Snow Sculpture Championship – is something that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll be impressed by the ice beauty and our creativity. Also, there will be a Running of the Reindeer. 

A Light Therapy Box will be something new for you.

You already know about the 24-hour sunlight during the summer months and the darkness of the deep winter. People who live here usually suffer from winter depression. And it might look fun, but even half an hour of using the Light Therapy Box will help overcome the symptoms. After moving to Alaska, you might want to order such a helpful therapy box.

I found that Alaska is not for fashion people. And I’ll tell you why.

It’s most of the time cold here, so people usually choose to dress for the weather. You will see on the street people wearing hiking boots, classic camo rain suits, winter jackets, and furry hats. If there is a choice to go to the fancy restaurant and to get a new pair of boots, of course, they will choose to have new shoes.

 In other words, don’t waste your money on a new fashion cloth before moving to Alaska. Shopping here around will help you to find the right choice and to make new friends. 

Long story short, Alaska is a beautiful place for relocation. It will be a totally new experience for you. Would I recommend moving to Alaska? Yes, absolutely. I have more helpful tips for you, stay tuned and check my blog here at Camovers. 

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