What is living in Florida like?

Moving to Florida - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to USA
Moving to Florida - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to USA

My family moved to Moncton, NB when I was four, and I’ve lived here ever since. I loved living in Moncton, but after living here for over 20 years, I realized that I needed a change. And Florida has brought that change into my life. Let’s see what living in Florida is like and what are some of its many benefits!

Florida is so much warmer!

I don’t mean to sound cliche, but sometimes humans just crave the sun. And Florida has lots of it. I’m used to Moncton’s four seasons and the low temperatures. Well, in Florida, summer is all year round, with no shortage of sunshine. The “colder” months are only a couple of degrees colder than the rest. And don’t forget your sunscreen! A high-quality sunscreen with an SPF50+ is a must for this state.

It’s got some of America’s best beaches

I think beaches are a big attraction in any country. Florida, in particular, has some of the most incredible beaches. There are many beaches in Florida; here are some prime examples:

  • Key West,
  • Clearwater Beach,
  • Palm Beach,
  • Sanibel Island,
  • South Beach, just to name a few.

Here you get heavenly views, options for lovers of provincial charm, as well as for extreme-sports lovers.  

And if beaches are not your thing, Florida has numerous hidden freshwater springs and underground caves. The water in these is about 22°C all year long. Excited? – You should be!

Florida has no state income tax

Yes, if you move to the Sunshine State, you won’t have to pay a state income tax. Isn’t that cool? Moreover, Florida has pretty low property taxes and reasonable house prices too. When considering your budget, these are essential things to take into account.

Moving to Florida city - only the Best cross border movers in Canada - long distance moving services - Canada to USA

Let’s discuss Houses

We’ve all seen those dream houses in movies and music videos. Florida has a large variety of homes for any budget. Of course, you can find costly places here, but you can also find wonderful budget-friendly new houses. If you want to rent a house or an apartment – you have lots of options for this too. With Florida’s rising house market, you will be able to find your dream home here.

It’s got Disney World!

I grew up watching Disney, and Disney World is truly an iconic part of Florida. If you’re a child at heart, have children, or plan a family, having Disney World near your house is a significant benefit. Living in Florida allows you to visit this park during the off-season and extend your joy.

The food is delicious in Florida

If you’re a foodie, you will love living in Florida. There is so much sun here and so many catches from the gulfs, so it’s no surprise the food quality here is at an insane level. Tourism highly influences local restaurants. As a local, you’ll come across “Restaurant Week”. It’s a period when the tourist season ends, and high-end restaurants give discounts. You will be able to enjoy Florida’s best foods, wines, breweries, etc.

Florida has so many cultural assets

Florida is home to many different cultures, so it is evident that it hosts many cultural festivals. These can even replace a world trip for you – just visit the many museums and performing arts centers. It will likely convince you to move here. Some of my favorites here are

  • Salvador Dali Museum,
  • Kennedy Space Center,
  • Ernest Hemingway Museum,
  • Ringling Museum Complex, and many more.

Are you a sports lover? Then it’s the place for you!

Besides beaches, food, and museums, Florida is attractive for its sports teams and events. The state is home to twelve major professional sports teams and many other popular minor league ones. It has sports events for any taste, so if you’re a sports fan, you might consider moving to Florida.

Those are some of the most attractive traits Florida has. Don’t forget that everything has disadvantages and advantages as well. Florida has its problems too, but if you’re tired of the cold and are looking for a sunny state, you should consider Florida with smiley people. 

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