Coping with Reentry Culture Shock

Moving to the USA | Best Moving Service in Canada
Moving to the USA | Best Moving Service in Canada

Relocations are milestones nearly everyone has to face at some point in their lives, whether it is to another part of town or an entirely different country altogether. If your relocation takes you far away from home for a few years, after which you are required to head back, it can be difficult to readjust to the way of life you left behind. This experience is referred to as reverse culture shock.

Understanding Reentry Shock

Reentry culture shock refers to the distress one faces, both emotionally and psychologically, when they return to their home after a couple of years of being away. This experience is mostly associated with international relocations such as when one moved to the USA and did not go back home for a substantial amount of time. Even so, it can be experienced with local home changes, especially if they take you to an entirely different province.

This shock is mainly caused by the fact that you have already adapted to different routines and customs while away to the point that they have grown to become your new norm. For instance, moving to the USA can get you used to the SI units of measurements. However, when you get back to Canada, you have to readjust to using the metric system. Even though you were previously accustomed to the practice, it can still take you off guard once you get back home considering you probably haven’t used it for years. Even though this may sound like a simple readjustment to make, such distress can come with a lot of downsides such as:

  • Feeling bored
  • Negative attitude towards your home since the culture appears too hard to readjust to
  • Feelings of isolation due to estranged connections that leave you with few people to connect with

If you find yourself in a similar situation, there are several practices you can apply to make sure that you get back on your feet as soon as possible and find your place in the world you left behind.

Jot Down Your Escapades

Once you’re settled in, take time to write about what it was like living in another country outside Canada. You can choose to share it online through a blog post or have it in a journal for your reference. That way, you won’t forget your life while away and allows you to better communicate your adventures with loved ones.

Have a Schedule

The feelings of distress and frustration often kick in when you have nothing to do or if your tasks have no sense of direction. Take time to establish a routine so that you can get used to being back home faster.

Maintain Relationships

The same way it is recommended to keep in touch with your family and pals back at home after relocation, it is essential to retain the same practice with the friends you made while you were away.

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