Items US Border Patrol Might Prohibit

Relocating across the country | Best Moves in Canada
Relocating across the country | Best Moves in Canada

Relocating across the country may take its toll on anyone involved, and so is a move that sends you across the border to Canada’s southern neighbor, the United States. Due to the proximity of these two nations, it is a common assumption that they are not that much different. However, most people that have crossed over to start a new chapter have confessed to the country feeling as diverse as others across the globe. When relocating, it is usually tempting to haul everything that you had from your previous home. Some of these possessions are carried out of necessity while others harbor great value. However, the US is not accommodating to the entry of some belongings unless certain measures are met. Here is a look at some of the items you want to be careful with when moving to the USA:


Not being ready with the right documentation can see you leave your furry friend at the border before entering the country. The United States is strict on certain measures that have to be met by your dog, parrot, hamster, or other pets, including vaccinations. Confirm on the web or other government platforms which vaccines are required so that your pet can get any missing shots in good time. Having the vet papers with you helps verify that your furbaby is healthy. However, things like packed dog hair might not be let in.

Booz and Medicine

If you are taking any medication, ensure that you retain the original packaging which states what the drug is. However, even with this measure in place, any medication that has not been signed off as safe for use by the government agency, the Food and Drug Administration will not be entertained. For instance, Rohypnol will not be allowed in even though it is offered in other nations as a drug to combat insomnia. This medication is commonly known as the date rape drug, which is why it is shunned on by the FDA.

You will also have to inform yourself on the regulations of the state you are relocating to on what they condone when it comes to alcohol. Some states do not permit more than a certain amount of such drinks while in others, particular types like absinthe are not tolerated at all.

Biological Items and Food

Many people carry packed meals or drinks in coolers, which is mostly allowed. However, some foodstuff is usually prohibited. For instance, cooked eggs, any meat, and some types of junk food like Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned. You also have to leave behind or eat all your fruits and vegetables before you get to the border since they will most probably be left behind. On the other hand, items that have been packaged and sealed properly can be let in such as canned beans, coffee, and others.

Guns and Unsafe Items

Guns are not entertained on your person from outside the country in any state across the United States. The same goes for things like soil and fireworks. Even so, there are ways in which these belongings can be shipped to your destination.

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