Six Things To Know Before Moving To A Townhome

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Movers Canmore AB - Best Moves - long distance moving services Canada

For individuals who are just purchasing their first house, or are living alone, townhouses are usually the best option. These are made up of attached homes with shared walls and a couple of floors, mostly two or three. They have common shared spaces like pools or driveways. In contrast to a condo or apartment, townhomes have more private spaces and have their private outdoor entrance. It does not need a lot of upkeep compared to a family home, which means less hustle. Nonetheless, before you make the step to get one, Local Movers Canmore AB Canada wants you to be aware of the following things.

  1. Moving Cost

Generally, these types of houses cost less than single-family homes. Also, as most of them are new and are well tended to, they are likely to be updated compared to older single-family ones that could cost the same, but still require some repairs. Due to this, they mostly attract young couples who are just starting. Nevertheless, one should check on the HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fees that should be paid. Some places demand a large sum to take care of upkeep, landscaping, and maintenance and while it is expensive, it saves you the hustle of having to take care of these things yourself.

  1. Moving process

This process is never an easy one, especially since there are so many hefty items that need to be carried. For this reason, we recommend that you hire a Canmore moving company in AB to aid you. Also, if the stairs are slim, it could be difficult to get furniture to fit through. Another thing to take care of is the parking situation. It could be a street parking or a shared driveway, so contact the HOA before the moving date and know where to park.

  1. Location

An added plus to staying in a townhome is that the area will be a lively one. Most of them are in large cities and urban areas where bigger homes are pricey and few. Because of this, where the townhouses are located is good for individuals who like staying near urban centers, restaurants, entertainment joints, and parks.

  1. Your privacy when moving to a new place

For people who love privacy, this may not be an ideal option. While they come with private balconies, it will be hard to come across one with a private yard. Being so near to the neighbors can also be a big turn off.

  1. Convenience

Townhouses are usually situated within walking distances to places that you visit such as grocery stores, restaurants, markets, and parks. Staying at one also releases you from the stress of tending to a lawn, cleaning the pool, or trimming the yard since all of this is taken care of by the HOA.

  1. Essential rules when moving

It is important to know what the rules are in the community that you are moving to. Majority of HOA’s come with a record of what can and cannot be done in the townhouse. Some of these usually are:

  • No changes or additions to the exterior parts.
  • No hanging towels in the patio.
  • No loud noises.
  • No parking in restricted places.
  • No pets.

Every place has its own set of rules, so check that you have read the handbook thoroughly. If you need assistance with the moving, give us a call.

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