What to Look for in a Vehicle Shipping Company

What to Look for in a Vehicle Shipping Company
What to Look for in a Vehicle Shipping Company

Vehicle shipping is a common practice for people relocating to a new home, usually because they don’t have the time to manually drive their vehicles to their destination. This is why shipping services for vehicles remain an essential part of the moving industry.

However, as with all types of moving services, finding the right company is key to make sure your vehicle arrives quickly and safely, especially if you’re moving during winter. To help you out, we have prepared a list of 5 key traits you should look for when hiring a car shipping service. 

1. They should be licensed & insured

There are a number of vehicle shipping companies that operate in and out of Canada, but not all of them are licensed or insured. Make sure that the company adheres to the rules and regulations of the Federal Government of Canada and the provinces wherein they operate. This is a great way to tell whether they’re the real deal or not. It is also mandatory that the shipping company is insured if something goes wrong.

2. They should prioritize their clients’ needs

Always search for companies that can adjust their service to meet your needs. This includes your budget, scheduling, and preferred type of transportation. Also, they should be able to protect your vehicle from outside elements whether you’re shipping your vehicle during a freezing cold winter or a scorching hot summer.

3. They should have a great track record

When conducting a background check on auto shipping companies, be sure to look into their experience and expertise. Don’t entrust your car to companies that have no track records of successful order fulfillments and deliveries. This will give you an idea if the company is trustworthy. Vehicle transportation requires extensive resources and experienced personnel that only a company with comprehensive industry experience can offer.

4. They should use multiple payment methods

A reputable vehicle transport service provider should offer several payment options to cater to different customer needs. The company should have many options for the customer to pay, including cash, credit cards, or checks. If a company only processes payments through wire transfers, do not engage. Wire transfers are not as traceable as a credit card, debit card, or cashier’s check.

5. They should have excellent ratings & reviews

Another detail you need to consider is the response of previous clients. Websites and social media profiles of legitimate shipping companies should make reviews and ratings from previous clients readily available. This is extremely helpful when it comes to finding a good company that provides a dependable service.

Who can help me find a great auto shipping service in Toronto

Who can help me find a great auto shipping service in Toronto?

Finding the right vehicle shipping company that suits your needs is crucial and takes a lot of time. That’s where Camovers comes in! We work with a number of reputable vehicle shipping firms and can help you find one that’s right for your budget and needs. In addition to car shipping, we can also connect you with reputable local, long-distance, and cross-country movers.

Our job is to contact shippers that can best meet your shipping needs. The movers will get in touch with you as soon as they can and will provide you a detailed quote based on your preferences.