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movers in Steinbach | Best Movers in Canada
movers in Steinbach | Best Movers in Canada

Well, it is true that you can do everything yourself, with just family members and close friends helping you out. Of course, there are advantages when you move by yourself, because you can save money. But if you give deep thought to it, there are so many things you need to know!

  • Are you sure you have all the proper packing supplies?
  • Are you sure you can protect your belongings so that all the stuff arrives intact?
  • Do you know how to properly load the space in a truck?
  • Do you know which equipment is necessary for easy moving

Last summer I was moving locally from downtown Halifax to Eastern Dartmouth. I did not have a lot of stuff, but the main problem was the space in my house. I lived in a Victorian home, with narrow halls and a long staircase leading to the second floor. A couple of my friends were eager to help me, but I just could not imagine how we can handle the furniture in narrow spaces. I was afraid we could damage the walls and stairs, so I decided to seek a piece of advice from local movers. I called a company and they came up with a great solution for me. Although I was not going to use a full moving service because I wanted to save money and just rented a medium U-Haul truck, I agreed to hire a couple of helpers. Those guys were experienced in packing and they were equipped with various useful devices. My friends and I just packed all the minor stuff in cardboard boxes. 

My bedroom furniture was located upstairs, and there was no way we could use a utility dolly because of the stairs. The guys that I hired as helpers were the best movers, really, they were very fast and knew everything they were doing.

First of all, they protected the stairs with rugs and attached corrugated cardboard pieces to the wall corners. To bring my furniture down they used a shoulder dolly, it is a furniture dolly that is made of thick straps with strong buckles. The straps of this device are adjustable, allowing a perfect fit. Two lifters put the harness on and balanced the piece of furniture with their arms while slowly going down the stairs. I noticed that the item is mostly lifted using the leg muscles, and the guys keep their backs straight to release the tension off the back. 

There are different models and different brands of those strap dollies. In my house where hallway space was very limited, those devices were the best option for moving the furniture.  You actually carry things instead of pushing and pulling, and this helps to save the floors from scratches and scrapes.     

The local movers also brought other types of moving equipment like a hand truck and a regular utility dolly, but they used those items afterward to move the furniture out of the house and onto the truck. My house had wooden porch steps, so the helpers put a ramp over the stairs to ease the loading process. Hiring helpers was a great benefit. When someone qualified is doing the bulk of the job, everything is done faster. I think if I would be moving long distance, I would have used a full moving service.

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