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movers in Maple Ridge | Top moving service across Canada
movers in Maple Ridge | Top moving service across Canada

Do you remember the time when you bought a new piece of furniture and it came in a box, disassembled? 

You had to bring out the tools and put everything together, piece by piece, following the manual. This process may be very exciting, as it always feels good when you refurbish your home. 

Besides, many people enjoy DIY projects! 

This activity may be a tough call as the instructions are not always clear. You may easily get confused with the parts or get lost in all those tiny pieces of metalware included in the kit for the assembling.

If you already have moving experience, you probably know that it is a common practice to take the furniture apart before loading it in a truck.

  • On the one hand, it may seem very inconvenient, because it is so much hassle to put everything back together.
  • On the other hand, when moving long distance, beds and chests can travel hundreds of kilometers in a moving truck, and fastenings can come loose. It happens often that a piece of furniture becomes unmendable after such a trip. 

Today we are speaking about small but very important moving supplies that no local movers can do without the screwdriver and the drill. 

Screwdriver now and then

Your best friend for unscrewing the furniture is a screwdriver!

The item that is found in any household nowadays. It is a very versatile item that is often used for unintended purposes like (bottle opening), for example. You can hardly imagine how you could manage without it. But just to think of it, screwdrivers were first mentioned in medieval documents dating back to the late 15th century. It is easy to figure out that screwdrivers were first used for securing together the parts of medieval knights’ armor and eventually for the multiple parts of the first medieval guns. 

Contemporary screwdrivers come in many varieties:

  • flat head,
  • Phillips,
  • Torx,
  • hexagon etc.

Do you know how the Phillips screwdriver got its name? It was Henry Phillips who introduced the power-driven screwdrivers in the 19th century, and the tip of that tool was designed (so) to prevent screws from being damaged by the screwdriver’s profile. 

Why is it better to disassemble? 

It does not matter whether you are moving locally or going to another city or province, the furniture has to be disassembled.

King beds, chests of drawers, large dining tables – they are too bulky to carry them through a standard doorway.

Pool tables, sectional sofas, or sectional bookcases – it is literally impossible to load them in a truck.

Besides, when pieces of furniture are taken apart, it saves space in a moving truck and allows long distance movers to secure things better and to distribute the weight evenly inside.

The drill

Another irreplaceable tool for the best movers helper is a drill. The drill, by the way, was invented by an Australian in 1889, and in 1895 the first portable drill was created in Germany. Since then a drill has become the most helpful item in many households. The drill kit usually includes various tips, it is very convenient, because different furniture comes with bolts and screws of different sizes. The drill is mainly used for driving out fasteners from furniture parts.

Tips on how not to lose screws and parts

Small pieces get lost easily. To avoid that, you can use a thick zip-lock plastic bag or a small plastic container with a lid, separate for each piece of furniture you are dismantling. As you take apart one piece of furniture, put all the small parts in a bag. Label it with a permanent marker and store it (away). Choose a bigger box or a container for keeping all the metalware in one place. This will help to prevent losing any hardware during the relocation

How is the furniture disassembled for moving? 

Top Canada movers come equipped with all kinds of tools. They take their time to dismantle the furniture completely.  Let’s take a look at the most common furniture disassembling practices:

  • Drawers are removed from cabinets and packed separately. 
  • Legs and tops are removed from all tables.
  • Bed frames are taken apart, including a headboard and a footboard.
  • Legs of couches and chairs are removed.
  • Knobs and other removable pieces are screwed off from drawers and desks.
  • Mirrors are separated from wardrobes and wrapped with bubble wrap.

Thinking ahead

When you buy a new piece of furniture, it comes with a printed assembly pattern. What happens after you put everything together? Right, you throw the manual away! 

We recommend keeping all those printed instructions. It does not take a lot of space in your house. In most cases, in order to disassemble furniture quickly, you should follow backward the assembly manual! If you decide to engage long distance movers to do the job, those manuals will be useful for them, too.

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