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Moving to Quebec City with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada
Moving to Quebec City with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Whether you like the city fuss or want to avoid it at all costs, whether you look for low unemployment rates or low housing prices, there is a place in Canada just right for you. I don’t think there is such a thing as “best” regarding a particular city in Canada. Each person looks for a place that will meet their standards, necessities, and lifestyle. But it’s  possible to categorize Canadian cities according to living cost, unemployment rates, housing, and rental prices, etc. 

Here, I will share with you 5 Canadian cities, and I’m going to tell you what makes them suitable for living. 

Quebec City, Quebec - lovely place

It will come as no surprise that Quebec City is a great city to live in, but let’s discuss some statistics, shall we?

Quebec City has a population of 531,902 (as of 2016) and a land area of 453.38 km². The average house price in this beautiful city is $254,700, while the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is $883. The average household income is $66,200. Even better features follow these. The unemployment rate in Quebec City is only 8.6% (but it was lower – until February 2020, only 4.1%). And the minimum wage here is $13.10 per hour. If you decide to move and live here, you will need about $2,009 a month. When considering living in one city or another, I always feel my safety and the safety of my children. Quebec City has a low crime rate – 9.17, which means about 3,075 incidents per 100,000.

I would like to focus on that Quebec is a French speaking province, and Quebec City is mainly francophone. That means there’s little chance you’ll find anything written in English here or that people will switch to English when speaking with you. I wish you luck in learning French! 

Moncton, New Brunswick - affordable and stunning city

Moncton is a city renowned for its reputation for low house prices, affordable living costs, and stunning nature. Let’s see what makes Moncton so attractive for people from different countries but various parts of Canada.

The population of Moncton is less than 71,899 people and a land area of 141.92 km². The average household income in Moncton is $74,240. As for the famous low house prices, here are the numbers: the average house price is $213,000, and the average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment is $883. Here unemployment rate is relatively low – at 8.2%, with a minimum wage of $11,70. Let’s say you move here. You will need about $1,924 a month to cover your needs

Moving to Moncton New Brunswick with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - very safe city

If you have kids or plan to start a family, there is no better place to live on the list than Charlottetown. It’s a small, lovely and very safe city. Being Prince Edward Island’s capital, Charlottetown has mesmerizing landscapes, beautiful parks with great views, and is very charming. Now let’s look at the numbers.

Charlottetown has a population of 36,094 – the smallest on the list, with a land area of 44.34 km². The average home price here is $277,000 while renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you an average of $1,350. Charlottetown has a minimum wage of $12.85 per hour and an unemployment rate of 13.6%. If you are an average family in Charlottetown, your household income approaches $53,750 per person. Living in this beautiful city will cost you about $2,093 a month.

London, Ontario - progressive city

I like London. This city gave us Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, but if you’re not a figure skating fan, you may know it as the hometown of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. London is known for its medical research, information technology, and insurance sector.

London has a population of 383,822 (as of 2016) and a land area of 420,35 km². The average household income here is $62,011. The average house price in London is $484,884 while renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $1,230 a month. What about unemployment? Until February 2020, the unemployment rate was relatively low – 4.9%, then rose to 10.5%, which is still not bad. The minimum wage here is $14.00 per hour, and an estimated cost of living is $2,002. 

You will be especially fond of London if you are into technology, as the city now focuses mainly on the “Digital Creative” sector. 

Hamilton, Ontario - modern city

Hamilton is very much known for its steel and iron industry and is becoming more modernized each day. The city has a friendly community, where you can meet new people. Hamilton has impressive waterfalls, parks, and beaches. Keep in mind that lately, house prices have been getting higher and higher. But we still have good aspects to discuss.

Hamilton has a population of 536,917 and a land area of 1,117.29 km². The average household income here is around $88,124. House prices in Hamilton are pretty high, with an average price of $504,101. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in Hamilton for about $1,367. What about unemployment rates? Until February 2020, it has been pretty low – 4.9%; as of July 2020, the unemployment rate increased and is now around 11.3%. The minimum wage here is $14.00 per hour, and an estimated cost of living here is approximately $2,280 a month. Hamilton has a shallow crime rate, sound libraries, and an excellent university, in case you have kids and are concerned about these matters.

This list focuses more on the larger industrial cities, but it also has options for those who like quieter towns.

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