What is the first week of traveling in Ontario like?

Moving to Ontario cities with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada
Moving to Ontario cities with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

I believe you already heard that Ontario has a full range of unique and beautiful places to visit. Find any type of activity you might like, from 

  • sport, 
  • science
  • history 
  • art
  • food and 
  • much more! 

Here in Ontario, I enjoy life to the fullest all year round! 

Visit Ontario; it will be a perfect day trip for you and your family. 

You know that today, during the pandemic situation, travel is not recommended. But moving locally in your vehicle is safe. All you need is to keep in mind all the restrictions, cautions, and enjoy the ride.

I want to start with – Elora ON

Are you a city escaper like me? If your answer is “Yes,” then we are on the same wavelength! 

I’m sure you will like the local urban day trips across the Greater Toronto  Area. What is an urban travel experience in Ontario for you? I would say it’s when you love to see new places but don’t wish to travel far away from your city. 

Well, Elora is not that far from Toronto; the distance is about 116km. The road trip will take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes of safe driving, not speeding. You will love this place! 

Imagine a tiny village, with its rhythmic and peaceful natural beauty, rivers, and cliffs descending. 

And here’s my plan for a one-day trip to Elora. 

One of my favorite spots here is Elora Quarry. And to be fair, it’s a beloved tourist destination. 

It’s an “old swimming hole”, and trust me, it’s got some beautiful turquoise waters and some lovely beaches. It just makes you forget about all the noise and anxiety in life, and you feel like you’re in paradise for a couple of hours. 

The daily limit has been put at 1,300 people, so there can be a chance you won’t get to experience it though. In this case, you can check the Elora Gorge Conservation Area, which is also very pretty.

Next, I recommend taking a walk through Downtown Elora, as it has some incredible views. Statues of ghouls, the Twilight Zoo, other exciting sculptures, just to name a few, will catch your eye in a good way.

You may also ask me, “Where can I eat in Elora?”  Well, I have some suggestions. My favorite one is The Lost And Found Café. It has been a go-to spot for me since it opened. It is sort of a shop meets café for a quick lunch or to grab a bite. But it is bright and cozy. 

The other one is The Evelyn. And this one is my favorite too. It is a restaurant that has a large variety of foods, specializing in French cuisine. The food is excellent, and the place is charming and cozy.

That’s what makes Elora a great place to visit.

Moving to Elora ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Why not stop at - Blue Mountain Village

Spring is a great time to visit this vibrant little resort town on Niagara Escarpment’s edge. It is located 171 km from Toronto, so you’ll be here in about a 2-hour drive.  

Blue Mountain Village is an especially great choice if you are a snow sports lover. Here you have: 

  • Ski and Snowboard resort with Ski Valet 
  • Spa resort 
  • my personal favorite – a Plunge Aquatic Centre, 
  • and many more. 

The plunge center works all year long, with heated indoor and outdoor pools, which I like. But don’t forget your masks! You will have to wear a mask everywhere except when you are swimming, so keep yourself and the people around you safe.

If you come here in the summer, you’ll witness some friendly music festivals. Blue Mountain even has an Elvis festival! And it’s about time we discuss food and where to eat. This little beauty has many excellent restaurants, and the food is delicious here. My picks would be C&A Steak Company and Kaytoo Restaurant & Bar.

You will have an excellent time here, so grab a mask, your swimsuit, enough cash, and you are off!

Stop number 3 – Muskoka

The District of Muskoka is an Ontario cottage country located 223 km north of Toronto. It consists of three major towns – Gravenhurst, Bracebridge –  also known as Canada’s waterfall capital, and Huntsville. It is home to more than 1,600 lakes as well. But most importantly, it has some enjoyable activities, some picturesque views, and National Geographic chose Muskoka as the #1 best summer trip in the world. 

Pretty crazy, huh?

It is a heaven for skiing, ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing – just to name a few. But in the warmer seasons, Muskoka is a dream place to see from a bird’s eye view or to sightsee in general. My top picks aside from winter sports are a Helicopter or a Driving Tour around Muskoka. It is when Muskoka’s true, and many times unseen beauty is really shown to its fullest. Hiking and cycling in the warmer seasons are also fantastic options.

Moving to Muskoka ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Back to Toronto? NO, next destination – Scarborough Bluffs

Surprisingly for me, Scarborough Bluffs isn’t a tourist’s go-to spot. And I think it is unfair that it is so. It is located 17 km east of central Toronto, and many newcomers have no clue such a beautiful place is so close to them. 

At the top of the bluffs, we’ve got nine parks, and Bluffers Park is the only one with a beach. But what a beach, though! Bluffers Beach is a great place to swim in the summer and to see in the colder seasons. My family and I have picnics in this park. It is a very calming place to be, especially with your loved ones. 

Hiking and sightseeing at Scarborough Bluffs is a must for me. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the nature and wildlife it is home to.

Feel a little hungry?– discover it in Downtown Guelph

Guelph is generally a city to be seen, and downtown Guelph is just perfect if you are a food lover or you like discovering new dishes. Downtown Guelph is jam-packed with restaurants and cafés, with all imaginable cuisines. Italian and Canadian cuisines are trendy here, so my picks for you would be Buon Gusto (Italian), Miijidaa Café (Canadian), and Manhattans Pizza (also a Music café).

I think a day strolling through Guelph and eating delicious foods is a great break in between the natural destinations, so enjoy your time here.

Moving to Guelph ON with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

Next on our map – Niagara Falls

Of course, who hasn’t heard of this marvelous natural wonder? If you come from Toronto, though, it is located at a 128 km distance, less than a 1 hour 30 minutes drive. 

There are lots of things to do here, but at the moment, there are many restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you decide to travel to Niagara Falls, you have to have a negative covid test and follow all the sanitary norms. 

Keep all these warnings in mind. Niagara Falls will fascinate you not only with the view of its waters hurdling off a 51-meter high cliff but also with all its additional activities. 

So my two picks for this destination are: 

  • Zip Lining over the falls – insane, but so cool, I promise 
  • Maid of the Mist Boat Rides in the falls directly. 

Both can be nerve-racking, but very memorable and worth it!

It’s time for heading over to Niagara-on-the-lake.

It’s lamentable to see Niagara Falls and skip Niagara-on-the-lake (as they are so close to one another). You’ll miss out on much! Not that many people know about this small but full of character town. In case you want to get here directly from Toronto, it is located at a distance of 129 km.

The architecture here will make you feel like you time-traveled to the 19th century, but with a twist. Yes, the streets here, like, for example, Queen Street, Prideaux Street, or Front Street, will surprise you with how colorful they are. The town is bright and exciting but yet feels very authentic and cozy.

Besides, Niagara-on-the-lake is famous for the number of wineries it houses. It is why I highly recommend checking the wine here after you visited the Falls and strolled through the town. Inniskillin, for example, is a winery that serves ice wine – very unique, or Peller Estates Winery has delicious wines and a great restaurant as well. Most of the vineyards here offer tours and wine tasting. 

I think there is no better way to end your first week of traveling in Ontario than with a glass of a good drink in a beautiful town.

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