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Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move across Canada
Professional moving company from Toronto to Regina - long distance household move across Canada

I have moved many times. I am a geophysics technician, I have changed jobs a million times. I worked for agricultural companies and production plants, I had to relocate to Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia to do the job. Local Toronto movers helped me twice to move from Toronto and back to GTA after 4 years. I think I have gained a lot of moving experience and can share it here today. 

When people decide to move, they usually start thinking about packing and cleaning, getting rid of unwanted stuff.  But actually, that is the last thing and that is the easiest part. There are more important things that need to be done. Here is the list of steps to take before you get yourself busy with the boxes. 

Postal service

I still receive paper mail. It may be a letter from the bank or CRA or other Canadian social service containing an important message, sometimes my tax papers go to my mailbox. Those are the letters you would not want to miss. I usually register with Canada Post for mail forwarding service for a few weeks. Then I just change

  • my address with my bank,
  • and other financial services,
  • CRA,
  • Service Canada, etc. 


I rely on certain prescribed meds, so I made it a habit to renew my prescription before I move and to get a supply of pills for a couple of months before. Cross country moving process is time-consuming, you usually have a million things to do and just don’t have time to go shopping.


If you are staying in the same province, you have nothing to worry about. When you move from one province to another, you are supposed to be registered with Medicare in the new province. It may take roughly 2 or 3 months. During this time you are covered by your existing Medicare card, but this is a must to make a phone call and inform your current medicare service about your relocation.


If you have a child attending school, notify the school of your move and collect the child’s academic information like a school report card or student assessment. Connect with the new school to submit the documents and get your child enrolled.


Every time I had to move, I did research beforehand. I gathered information about banks, doctors, services, places to eat and to shop. Joining local Facebook pages and groups is also a great tip – you get acquainted with people, you learn about your new community from other people’s opinions and reviews. 

I prefer to do those things in my list first, and after that to take care of the physical part of the move. I feel more comfortable having important things done early. It really takes the load off. Think of the things that are more important to you and your family than packing and decluttering. Then you can look for the best moving companies Canada to do the heavy part.

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