Winter moving tips and guidelines!

movers in Summerside | Best Moving Companies across Canada
movers in Summerside | Best Moving Companies across Canada

Chilly air, thick coats, snappy boots, and snowflakes, well it’s beginning to look a lot like winter!

Winter is here and it is a part of our yearly season that comes and goes. There are a lot of activities that we can do during this season like:

  • skiing,
  • sledding,
  • ice fishing,
  • snowboarding,
  • and a lot more.

Moreover, some of the people also choose to move into their new house in Canada during this time because of the opportunities that they can get only in the winter months.

Moving in winter is a great time for you to locate inexpensive houses due to the decreasing demand during this season. Most of the owners and landlords are willing to negotiate.
Moreover, your local movers or any moving companies help you to avail their storage units at a reasonable price to adjust to your needs for your moving projects. There are reputable moving companies that you can choose from but always pick the best movers or top movers and even the top Canada movers for an easy move during your winter moving project.

In addition, moving companies will have more availability during this season for you guys who are planning, whether it is:

Booking in advance and preparing everything prior to your move is key, getting a special offer may be possible at this time. Plus, winter is a good time for you to escape the heat during summer. This is the best time for you to avoid situations related to heat because of the cold feeling it brings.
So you see, there are still good advantages to moving this winter. 

Here are some helpful guidelines and recommendations that we can share and suggest to you once you decide to move into your new house in winter. It may help you to plan in advance, look over the important details as well as prepare things that some of us usually overlook prior to the move.

Verify and validate details from your movers

– once you are finally done booking and arranging things with your movers, make sure that you always verify and validate all the necessary details that you need before the move and on the day of your move. Get the right information when it comes to contact details and email addresses. So you can easily communicate with your movers. Call them a week before your move and 2 days prior to your move. If there may be changes because of weather conditions so you will know beforehand, communication between you and your movers is highly important.

Track the weather

– In winter, weather is quite unpredictable so being updated with what is happening to the weather is an advantage for you before your move. Changes might happen because of it so it is better to be prepared and communicate to your movers.

Look over the utilities at your new house

– make sure that you check and inspect all the necessary utilities like electricity, water, and heater beforehand. You do not want to compromise the comfort of your family just because there is a problem with one of your utilities.

Prepare vital winter clothing with you

– it is surely freezing outside so being prepared before you go out will be better. Extra sweaters, coats, gloves, duvets, winter boots, even blankets will keep you warm on the road.

Extra care for electronic items

– there are some items that are not cold-friendly like electronics. Make sure to put extra care into those things, double their boxes separately and make sure you take them with you in your car.

Snowplow schedule availability

– make sure that all the ramp roads and sidewalks to your house are clear enough a day before or on the day of your move. Movers need clear pathways for them to do the job quickly and safely delivering the items in your new house.

Free up from snow on the roads, walkways, and parkways

– to provide a safe environment for your movers and for you as well make sure to clear all the vital entrances to your house from snow using a shovel or by salting it. The accident might happen but with careful approach and planning, it can be avoided.

Wrap your floorings

– it is good to be protective of your new house, ensuring that the entrance door hallways and carpets in your house are covered will prevent them from being dirty while the movers are backing in and out of your house.

Switch off the heater

– movers will be going in and out of your house, it is better for you to turn off the heater first because it is just a waste. Doors are open to accommodate the movers that are bringing in your stuff so it will be the best option to switch it off and turn it back once they are finished.

Prepare a hot drink

– while the movers are doing their job; make sure that you also prepare something that will keep all of you warm. A hot chocolate drink, coffee, or even a fresh tea will help you and your movers to ease the cold tension in your body.

Be generous

– your movers are your savior this time. Yes, they are paid but giving them an extra tip will make their cold hands and feet warm because of the appreciation that you give to them for their job well done. An extra tip will not hurt your pockets badly.

Winter is the coldest time every year yet we can still do great things. With the proper planning, an accurate approach, and help from professional people all of our objectives and targets are achievable.

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