Why hire movers in Canada?

Cross Canada Moves | Best Movers in Canada
Cross Canada Moves | Best Movers in Canada

Why do we hire local movers in Toronto or Ottawa? Or why do we hire long distance movers from Toronto to Vancouver to help us with our relocation project? It is because we want it to be faster and more productive! Movers are experienced, attentive to detail, and they have the tools! When you hire top Canada movers, they have all the range of moving tools and provide them for no extra charge. 

As a professional mover, I can not manage without the help of equipment specially designed for carrying heavy items. Using them to move appliances allows us to operate faster. Being very energy efficient, they make our work safer and less energy-intensive. As professional best movers, we have at our disposal dollies of different kinds and designs.
Let’s take a look at the most frequently used devices.

Moving equipment - Furniture dolly

Furniture items like chests of drawers, cabinets, and nightstands are usually carried with the help of a furniture dolly. This type of dolly is a flat-base with swivel wheels, which provide easy moving around. It can also be used for moving pianos and other bulky items. 

Utility dolly - Hand truck

A utility dolly, which is also called a hand truck, is an L-shaped metal device with a flat base that slides underneath a piece you want to move. Utility dolly can handle a lot of weight and is essential when you move appliances:

  • refrigerators,
  • washers,
  • or dryers.

This device has large wheels and is very versatile, so you can move it even with one hand and can use it with stairs.

Shoulder dolly - Moving straps

Another carry device that I rely on very often is called a “shoulder dolly”.

These are very thick and wide moving straps that go around the shoulders of 2 lifters and then underneath the appliance piece they are moving.
It is very useful in limited space surroundings or when you need your hands free for opening doors, for example. I do take my shoulder dolly all the time with me whether I have a local small move within Barrie, ON, or when it’s a long distance moving project from Toronto to Edmonton.

Moving gloves

What do you think is important more than anything else when you do a moving job? It’s gloves!

It is a necessity for me. I always carry a few pairs in my toolbox. Moving gloves have those dots on the palms and fingers that allow me to have a better grip on the things I am carrying. For moving items made of

  • metal,
  • like wood stoves,
  • pellet stoves,
  • or grills I prefer nickel-coated gloves.

They provide really good protection against injuries. I know some guys who neglect wearing gloves. They may be seeing it as a sign of toughness. As for me, I always protected my hands, because they are my most important tool. 

Long distance movers are well equipped

Long distance movers come to work well equipped with various items that help to save:

  • money,  
  • time,
  • and energy.

Apart from the tools that help to move and load items, we use a lot of protective materials.
For example, there are corner guards that protect walls and wall corners. There are rugs for floor and stairs protection against scratches. Moving without the equipment is hazardous. But if you have hired top Canada movers to do the job, the chances that you will be missing out on moving equipment are very low.

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