Fifteen Motivations To Move To Vancouver

Cross Canada Movers in Coquitlam | Best Moving Companies across Vancouver
Cross Canada Movers in Coquitlam | Best Moving Companies across Vancouver

If one is looking for a new town to make their home, then this might just be it. We do not want you to take our word for it, so Camovers have come up with a list of reasons as to why you should consider this.

TOP Reasons for moving to Vancouver

  • There is nature

For nature lovers, this area will feel like bliss. There are beautiful places and spots to go hiking.

  • It is good for vegans

You could be shocked to find out that there are a lot of vegans living in the city. This means that if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can be sure that there are plenty of places to eat.

  • There is a good public conveyance

There is a good bus structure in place, and it is fast and on time. However, do not forget to acquire a Compass Card on arrival.

  • A beautiful coast

The beach will be a fantastic place to chill and enjoy your days at as well as enjoy the waves coming from the ocean.

  • The United States is close by

This could be a good thing as there are cities close by such as Seattle that one can visit on their day off.

  • Ease of Moving

If you’re considering relocating to Vancouver from another city or even country, you’ll be pleased to know that there are reliable long distance movers in Vancouver ready to assist you. Their expertise ensures a smooth transition to your new home.

  • You have savings

We will not lie that living here will be expensive. If one does not have some savings kept aside or a steady job already, then consider another area.

  • The winters are not too cold

Even if it does get cold in the winter, there won’t be plenty of snow days.

  • You are a beer specialist

It is easy to find excellent breweries in and around the place, as well as craft beer joints.

  • You want to be well-known

This could not be for everybody, but Vancouver is not known as Hollywood North for anything. A lot of shows get to be shot here so try your luck; you could be part of it.

  • There are gigs

One of the perks about being this close to America is that musicians do not mind having gigs here since it is only a short flight away.

  • One is a foodie

The town has a wide variety of restaurants, and food trucks and every foodie’s pallet will be content. It will be hard for you to pick a beloved food joint and meal.

  • It is lovely for people who are into vintage

There are plenty of vintage thrift shops on Main Street where you can find very good pieces at good prices.

  • Perfect for day trippers

If you enjoy taking day trips, then this place will feel like a small holiday since there is so much to be seen and explored.

  • Plenty of festivals

These mostly happen during summer which is when the city comes to life as there are free celebrations and events such as busking festivals, pride week, food truck festivals and Bard on the beach.

  • There are slopes

Even though the winters are not as icy, it does not mean that you will be deprived of an opportunity to ski and snowboard. Three ski mountains are close by which can be very convenient.