Moving to Brandon

Brandon is a flourishing Canadian city located to the southwest of its home province of Manitoba. This region has landed itself top spots when it comes to affordability, effective transport system, and nurturing leadership. Unlike most other cities of its stature, Brandon does not face the issue of traffic howl up with an average commute of twelve minutes within the town, which makes it easier to enjoy what the locality has to offer.


According to the most recent census in the country, about forty-eight thousand eight hundred people reside in Brandon. This number shows a six percent rise in population in comparison to the number in 2011. This makes it among the rapidly growing regions in North America, which goes to show just how opportune leaving there would be.

Brandon Climatic Conditions

Brandon is a relatively dry region, which contrasts from most other areas of Canada that have shorter summers and longer winters. During the day, temperatures go as high as seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit in the height of summer and drop as low as thirteen degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

Cost of Living in Brandon

Among the biggest upsides of the Manitoba province is the lack of fluctuations in the housing market, which makes prices constant and easy to predict, unlike other cities. The average price of units was two hundred and seventy-one thousand, six hundred and twenty-one dollars according to a 2018 survey. The study, however, did not include mobile homes and condos.

Brandon Financial System

Brandon depends on a variety of thriving industries, which have seen it blossom its financial state more than any other part of North America with the current economic crisis being felt at a global scale. This city boasts the operation of over two thousand businesses in different industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The city also taps into the oil beds lying underneath it.


With so much going on for Brandon’s economy, it is no surprise that the employment rate is among the lowest. The number of employees in the region scales at over fifty-eight thousand and grows with every year. A workforce is not only sourced from the area but also its neighboring municipalities. The continuous supply of competent employers and employees is supported by most of the residents getting a good education, fifty-seven percent of them holding post-high school degrees.

Educational System in Brandon

Brandon has a host of educational facilities that services both local and international students to attain high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate degrees. The most notable of them is Brandon University, which is praised across Canada for a strong foundation and commitment to service provision.

Transport System

Brandon sits at the intersection of two major roads; Provincial Trunk 10 and Trans-Canada 1. One can expect to meet no traffic jam hurdles in the region, and it also provides an effective railway system across the city.

Medical Services

Prairie Mountain Health, the biggest hospital in the city, services more than just Brandon, which goes to show the prowess in its functionality. The facility offers numerous services such as Audiology, Public Health, and Homecare to Brandon and other neighboring municipalities.


Swimming, ice skating, ice hockey, and other recreational services are easy to find in any area within Brandon.

Moving to Brandon

This city has long maintained the status of the most reasonably priced to reside in Canada with affordable houses, the cheapest electricity in all of North America, and low insurance costs. Give Brandon Moving Service a call, and let us be of assistance with your relocation to this city.