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All you need to know about office relocation is gathered on this page! 

Camovers will relocate your office from anywhere in Canada, like from Moncton to Regina, or from Toronto to Vancouver. Even if your office is located in Halifax and you plan to move to Saskatchewan Camovers will help with your move! Fill in our Free Moving Quote and while you are waiting for a response from our experienced movers, read about all the nuances related to corporate relocation.

How is your office moving service organized?

Step 1. Camovers crew will visit your office and draft the office move plan. The plan will be based on the number of items in your office, additional services, and the complexity of the delivery. Upon its approval, we will offer you a price quote. If it suits you, our professional movers will proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Our reliable movers will prepare your office for the move. All your needs as packing, disassembly of the furniture, and electrical work will be done in a quick and efficient way. 

Step 3. This is the most important phase of the moving service which includes: loading the items, relocating them to the new office, setup tasks. 

Step 4. The final step of your office move covers unpacking and disassembly of furniture and office stuff. Some finishing touches and your office move is done! 

Why choose Camovers for your office moving project?

Camovers are here to work with you to find the most suitable moving company, who can cope with work of any complexity for you and who can ensure the move process is seamless. When you choose Camovers, you’ll receive the best office moving service from the best office moving specialists across Canada:

  • High-rated moving companies with years of experience
  • A free and accurate office Moving Quote
  • Professional move consultants who plan and manage every detail 
  • Best quality packaging materials & equipment
  • New trucks are driven by experienced drivers
  • Moving with minimal downtime 
  • Warehouse storage solution locations feature a full range of units for your excess office furniture

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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Here are the main tips to get your office prepared on your own

The most important thing in moving is not to rush, refrain from committing imprudent actions, and making hasty decisions. Now you will figure out how to prepare for the move and organize it in the best possible way.

  1. Optimize organization by starting early. Start preparing for the move at least a month in advance. During this time, you will be able to determine the number of possessions that need to be moved, meet with representatives of moving companies, and choose the most suitable one. Be sure to prepare a plan for the placement of the furniture in the new office, such a plan will help to save loads of time.
  2. Pack business papers first. The papers must be sorted by size and purpose before moving to the office. The most valuable documents should be temporarily deposited in a safe deposit box. You should not transport unpacked documents inside the cabinets since they will significantly increase the weight of the furniture, and they may get mixed during loading and unloading.
  3. Use proper packing supplies. Gather essential packing materials for the upcoming shuttling of your commercial possessions. It includes cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or moving blankets (you can use unwanted towels as well), tape, zip-locked bags. During packing, I advise you to label each box with pens or markers for labeling.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Moving presents an excellent opportunity for your business to downsize. It’s a great time to upgrade old furniture, office PCs, phones, etc. Old ones you can donate for charity or sell it online and earn extra money. 
  5. Pack your electronic devices the correct way. There are two ways how to do it: you can pack everything yourself or entrust this task to professional movers. If you want to do it yourself protect each computer individually, wrap monitors and use as many packing materials as possible. And do not forget to save your data on a cloud drive.
  6. Disassembly of the furniture. Moving to a new office shouldn’t damage your office property. It is worth removing the shelves, cabinet doors, tabletops, and side elements in advance in order not to damage them. You also have to remove the fittings, glass components, and shelves.

There will be no difficulties with moving your office if you follow a pre-developed plan.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties!

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