Time Taken

How much time will be taken to shipp my car?

The shipping period differs depending on the time you reserve a shipment spot, the distance the car is being moved, and the time of the year. For instance, summer moves take longer than those booked during winter since it is usually relocating season. It is advisable to schedule one or two weeks before when you want your car shipped since there might be a waiting list in place.

Even with these factors in play, we do our best to find you the best companies that are suited for each of your needs. The expansive knowledge of our experts in the industry makes us among the best options. It is important to note that the quotes we provide are only approximated and can change depending on the chosen car transport company and time of hauling.

Pickup and Shipping

What is the difference between ‘Door to Door’ and ‘Terminal to Terminal’?

The Door to Door service entails the car transporter picking the car at your home, which is mostly done using a tow truck and taken to the terminal. It can also be driven to the terminal using a driving service. Afterward, it is loaded into the transporting trailer or rail car. This service takes between three and five days to arrange in most cases. However, it is not available for all regions depending on the selected company, so ensure you confirm whether it is possible before proceeding with anything. Also, it comes with some additional fees and is not advisable if you are trying to cut costs. However, it does offer a lot of conveniences.

Terminal to Terminal, on the other hand, requires you to drive the vehicle to and from a terminal in the origin and destination areas. In some regions where main terminals are not available, you can arrange to meet with the agency’s truck at a convenient point for both parties.

Is it allowed to have another person drop off and pick up my vehicle?

Yes, it is. All that is needed is to provide their legal name and ensure they know your car’s VIN, order number, and the pick-up point. Most car shipping companies demand the provision of photo identification before releasing the car. When dropping the vehicle, the provided Booking Number along with the vehicle’s year, make, and model will be requested.

Price Quotes

What is the cost of shipping my car?

The amount presented in our quotes depends on numerous elements such as the size of your car, shipping distance, mode of transport being used, as well as the pickup and drop off points. The most cost-effective way to transport your vehicle is by dropping it off at a company terminal and picking it up the same way when it arrives at your desired destination.

What practices can I apply to save money during this process?

As mentioned above, going for Terminal to Terminal shipping over the Door to Door option helps you save some coins. Additionally, opt for terminals that are in major cities within your region, which also cuts the cost of having a truck move your car from a big terminal to a smaller one. Discounts can be given when you are transporting several cars at a go.

Sundry Shipping Queries

Is it necessary to leave my keys?

Yes, it is. At least one key is required since there is a high possibility that your car will be driven around during shipping.

Is it possible to travel inside my car?

No, it is not. Safety and insurance reasons bar you from not only being inside your vehicle but also with the driver of the truck.

Can my pet stay in the car?

No, it cannot. All car transporters restrict any pets left in cars during the shipping process.

Can I ship bikes/boats/trailers?

Unfortunately, none of the car transporters whose quotes we provide is involved in such transportation services.

Popular Shipping Queries

Will truck or train be used to ship my car?

The mode of transport used to ship your car depends on several variables including the selected company, the car’s origin, and its destination. Sometimes the vehicle will be transported using the two options. Both of these options are popularly used across the country, and each packs its own set of upsides and downsides. Therefore, you should study each one before settling on a decision.

Transportation of vehicles to and from Toronto and Vancouver is usually done using rail. Therefore, if your vehicle is being shipped to another city afterward, it will first be transported by train and later on in a truck.

When using the train, your vehicle is stored in a rail-car that holds more than fifteen cars in two or three levels. Transport trucks, on the other hand, are quite similar to those spotted in auto dealerships. These vehicles are usually quite large, which makes door to door delivery tasking. Accordingly, you might want to arrange for a different drop off point that is suitable for both you and the shipping company.

Can any car be shipped?

The car transporters we partner with only handle passenger cars that fall in categories like SUV’s, minivans, cargo vans, and small trucks. Nearly all of them decline the shipment of cars taller than seven feet. Therefore, it is advisable to inform us if you are looking to ship an oversized or lifted car.

How does ground clearance affect the shipping of my car?

ground clearance Best Moves car shipping faq-1

Ground clearance refers to the minimum distance between the bottom of your car and the ground. If your vehicle’s ground clearance is low, the best option for you is an enclosed trailer. These trucks come with special gates that can lift your vehicle onto them without being driven. Driving such a car into ordinary trailers usually ends up in scrapped bottoms due to moving up and down loading ramps. Be sure to include that your car has low ground clearance if it is six or fewer inches from the ground.

Are the car carriers in trains covered or exposed to weather?

train carrier optimized CAmovers car shipping faq

Train car carriers are built with top covers and partial ones at the sides. Therefore, your vehicle will be safe from conditions like rain or flying debris, but it might still be exposed to dust and dirt.

What preparations should I have for my car before being transported?

Several elements have to be in place despite the moving  company or mode of transport being used to ship your vehicle including:

  • The vehicle’s interior and exterior should be clean.
  • The brakes should be working just fine.
  • Have at least a third of the fuel tank full.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the car aside from the spare tire and jack.
  • Ensure the tires are well-filled with air and have no issues.
  • Include any information on changes made to your car such as the inclusion of special codes and alcohol locks among others.
  • It is advisable to have insurance, but it is not a requirement since transport insurance is included.

Can I ship a car that no longer runs?

Usually, car shippers do not transport such vehicles, especially those that use open trailers; this is due to the lack of a winch to pull the car onto the truck. Enclosed trailers can be used, and it usually demands an additional charge with the requirements that your vehicle can roll and has functioning brakes.

Can personal belongings be left in the vehicle?

This condition is dependent on the type of transportation used. When using rail, no personal goods can be left behind aside from baby seats and spare tires. When using trucks, on the other hand, you can leave as much as one hundred and fifty pounds of belongings. The items can only be packed in the back seats and trunks. The transportation of goods in this manner is at one’s own risk, and no coverage is provided for the items. Some truck companies do not allow the leaving of items.

Is the use of a car cover allowed?

The use of a car cover is not advised, especially when using an open trailer since there’s a high chance it will be blown off during transit. Even when using an enclosed container, the car cover is ill-advised since it provides all the protection your car will require.

Will my car be driven during the shipping process?

Yes, it will, but only in a few cases; this is the main reason why it is advisable to leave a third or more of the fuel tank full. Your car will be driven when being moved:

  • On and off of rail cars and trucks.
  • In the terminal, while awaiting shipment.
  • From the terminal destination to your home. This option comes with a smaller price tag than having a tow truck deliver the car.

Is car insurance necessary?

Having personal car insurance is not necessary, but it is highly advised. Some restrictions may be put on what can be covered by the transporter company depending on several factors. Therefore, having your own means that any damages not covered by the car transporters will still be taken care of by your insurance company.

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

What does it entail?

Enclosed shipping is highly recommended for sports cars, race cars, collectibles, and vehicles that come with hefty price tags in general. This mode of shipping carries numerous benefits over the ordinary kind including:

  • Transportation services from door to door.
  • Higher insurance coverage.
  • They are kept secure in the truck.
  • They are held in climate control containers.

The list of upsides can be longer depending on the selected firm, but they mainly revolve around those mentioned above.

General Shipping Questions

Which documents I’m I required to leave in my car?

The choice to leave any documents lies with you. If you do choose to leave any, it is advisable to place them in the glove-box compartment.

Which photos should I take of my vehicle?

The car shipping company will require ten or more photos of your car, which should be emailed to them. These photos can be taken when leaving your vehicle at the terminal of our referred transporter companies or when meeting their truck. If it is a home pickup, ensure the photos are taken and emailed before giving up the car. Additionally, use a camera or phone that is capable of taking clear quality pictures to ensure every part of the vehicle can be spotted. Some of the key areas you should not miss include:

  • Both front and back bumpers
  • Corner sides of both the driver and passenger
  • Hood
  • Roof
  • Driver and passenger’s side views
  • Driver and passenger’s rear corners
  • Trunk

Making a Shipment Reservation

Submission of a VIN

The VIN is one of the essential things you will have to provide when placing your shipment order. VIN, which is an acronym for Vehicle Identification Number, is a combination of characters presented in insurance papers, car registration, and the vehicle itself. It is usually a combination of numbers and letters but should not be confused with the license plate. If your vehicle is a newer model, the combo will be seventeen digits long. Older models come with shorter Vehicle Identification Numbers.

What is the best time to make a reservation?

It is advisable to make a booking one or two weeks before you want your car shipped. Such a timeline leaves you with a long enough period to look through our recommended companies and choose the best one. The surge in the car shipping industry over the past few years means that last minute booking might leave you settling for a shipping time that does not suit your desires. Even if one of our recommended car transporters come with the option to book and drop off your vehicle right away, shipping might not happen as fast, and your car may sit at the terminal for a week or more.

Most of the auto transporters we refer clients to have main terminals that do not usually apply storage costs for the time your car sits in place waiting for shipment. However, you might want to confirm with your chosen agency since some use terminals owned by towing agencies and small charges do apply.