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Who may need a warehouse storage?

Let me tell you what a warehouse is. A warehouse is a room, a place where you can temporarily store your personal belongings. Sometimes, a warehouse may be needed by an entrepreneur who sells goods.

Storage Solutions at Camovers

Choosing a warehouse facility is always difficult. You need to determine the basic requirements and find a suitable object. In addition to the territorial location, area, and price, an important issue is the safety of goods located in the warehouse.

Camovers have solutions to ensure the safety of your belongings, material assets located in the warehouse, as well as equipment and machinery. Our moving experts not only relocated your belongings but also will choose the best warehouse option to fit your particular needs. You can expect a service ensuring that your precious belongings are safe and sound.

Benefits of storage units

  • Warehouse storage facilities are federally approved 
  • some have custom bonded areas
  • high-security 24/7
  • heated
  • all belongings are listed in the inventory 

It means that your belongings are stored in a climate-controlled storage facility. Only company employees have access to the storage warehouse which guarantees safety. All is well organized: belongings are listed placed on wooden pallets. 

The facility is equipped with a top-notch fire extinguishing system.

Professional moving companies at Camovers will cope with any difficulties related to storage services across Canada!

Tips on how to prepare your items for storage

I suggest you pay attention to each box you want to store in a warehouse. You should give similar priority to it – just like for moving.

  • Label and specify your boxes

I know, that sounds pretty obvious… but when you’re packing, you have to label each box. since the content is not visible. Ideally, refine your labeling. Label a box “pickaxe, shovel, rake” instead of “Gardening Items” and use different colors of markers. You’ll notice that this will save you loads of time. 

  • List in inventory all your belongings

You may be wondering what an inventory list might be useful for, and there are a couple of reasons. First, creating an inventory list will help you figure out what size storage unit you need. The more things you have, the larger unit you will need. And vice versa, if you don’t have a lot of things for storing, there is no need to reserve a big unit.

Secondly, it will help you to check if a particular item is stored or not. Better to have two copies of your storage inventory – one at home and the second in the storage unit. 

  • Do not store very expensive and valuable items

Even though all the moving and storage members at Camovers have state-of-the-art 24/7 security there are no guarantees that your belongings are guarded 100% against thieves and break-ins. I bet you don’t want to lose it, so it’s better to refuse to put it in a storage unit. Much safer would be to keep your valuable items such as jewelry, family heirlooms, antiques, and credit cards in a bank deposit or an alternative place. Thus greater the chance to keep it safe.

  • Protect your belongings

Although the storage unit is climate-controlled, I suggest ensuring your items are protected from mildew, mold, and dust. Clean, dry and apply a special protective spray on leather items and wooden furniture in order to avoid destruction of their appearance.

As tightly you will seal your boxes as many chances to keep moisture out. Particularly in the case of electronics, moisture could significantly damage it, so it’s better to use plastic bags. For storing clothes you can use wardrobe boxes or suit bags. As well as special packing materials you can use old towels or blankets to cover your stuff from dust.

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