How it works
Fill out the necessary details in the quote request form
Five reliable movers will promptly send you their moving quotes
Go through the estimates and prices
Get in touch with the company whose prices worked the best for you
How we protect
  • We review each company we work with
  • All of our moving companies are pre-screened, insuranse moving equipment, reputation
  • We know each company personally
  • We inform you how to not get scammed
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Don't get scammed
  • Last minute cancelation or rescheduling
  • Damages
  • Lost items
  • Delivery time
  • Scale ticket
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Why use us to find a mover

The company has been around for a while meaning that we have gathered the experience needed and have worked with a lot of haulers that we can link clients with.

Quality Control

We ran thorough background checks before we bring them in. Our network also runs across the country meaning that you can get access to both short and long distance movers.

Fast & Easy

Filling in the form takes no time, and the haulers will contact you as soon as they can. Also, they will make a point of coming to where you are, rather than you having to go to them.

Many options

Our company sends you a list of five companies which gives you the opportunity to compare what they offer. The good thing is that these firms are aware that they are competing against other professionals, and will, therefore, give you their best quotes.

No obligations

Just because you filled in our forms and got a list of crews, it does not bind you to work with them even if they get in touch with you. If you find that their services are not what you are looking for, you could always look for others.

Tips & guides

We have some useful tips that assist you to figure out how to go about the haul. This helps our clients be more prepared.

Customer review
Tom Wingard

It was easy to work with Best moves. They referred me to a couple of reputable companies and after a couple of calls with one of those I booked my move. It was a fast move and I was billed right as budgeted for my relocation. Overall good experience and definitely reliable company.

Russ Tamblini

I was searching for a moving company and found Best Moves. With their help I managed to get multiple quotes at the same time from several moving companies. From that point, my choice was much easier as I managed to hire a good moving company. Thank you Best Moves for the help!

Dale Hoult

I researched at least 10 companies before choosing Best Moves. I was very concerned about the many warnings that I read about the moving industry in general. It took me weeks to make a decision as it was a large move to another province. If you are in the process of choosing I will save you time. This is an excellent company!! Best Moves came today and moved all of our stuff into the trucks. THIS GUYS WERE FANTASTIC!!!!! They worked incredibly hard, were extremely organized, very polite and intelligent, and worked very well as a team. I was incredibly impressed at their skill level and professionalism. I am now feeling very relaxed that my belongings will arrive safely and in great shape. They actually exceeded my expectations!! If I ever have to move again I would hire them in a second.

Helen Rainde

These guys are literary moving the nation forward. They expertly transported my furniture and other belongings from Calgary to Scarborough without any hitches or glitches. Cool guys, cool company, you have to use them. I used Best Moves because their service was referred to me by a colleague. They gave me a great team that did a great job. I found everybody at the company to be very helpful and professional. I will refer this company to everybody I know.

Michael Farley

They arrived on time and did not waste any time getting the move done quickly, which made the price of the job match the estimate perfectly. They also took great care with our property and placed everything exactly where we needed it. Thank you all for a good moving experience. Best money I’ve ever spent.

Kate Hasegawa

Best Moves is an exceptional company. Having moved a couple of times over the course of the past 5 years and each time I used Best Moves to find the best deal. The company and its associates really excel where others fall short. All the stuff is very professional and every time I hire some moving company they exceed my expectations. I feel safe. If you and your family are ready to move and need it done at a great price, with no hassle or worries, Best Moves should be your first and only choice.

Luis Marroquin

Lee, Chris, and Vasily were the three movers who came to move our two bedroom apartment. They were perfect, helpful and yet so careful with all my fragile items. I am so happy with the move. Obviously, would highly recommend Best Moves to all my friends! Will definitely use these guys again!

The list of services that our movers' offer
Local Moving Service

Upon request, our movers will give you packing implements such as boxes, bubble wrap, blankets and special packaging for breakable items such as mirrors. If you need a local mover, then we are the best people to help you get in touch with one. Most of these relocations are priced per hour plus travel time.

Long Distance Moving Service

These types of relocations are usually calculated according to the weight of the possessions. The quotes you get, therefore, will be per pound with some fluctuating. What we do is take advantage of the overcapacity in the relocation network to give you the best-discounted prices.

Car Shipping / Snowbirds Auto Transport

For this, we will need details such as the year make and model of the vehicle, when you want it moved and where to. Also, let us know if you would like an enclosed trailer or want to work with the lowest price and we shall get you a fitting mover to assist you.

Moving to USA

It might be a little tricky finding the perfect cross-country movers and Best Moves are always ready to help. It is important that the crews you pick is bonded, insured and are aware of how to deal with issues such as customs. Our crews carry outhauls to the USA as well, and all you need to let us know which city you are going to and we shall send a quote.