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Hire companies with moving experience and good reviews. CAmovers offers an extensive database of reputable long-distance movers and carriers to provide you with the best professional moving services and reasonable prices for your long-distance move.

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Here at Camovers Moving Company, we understand how critical hiring professional movers is to ensure your relocation to, from, or within Montreal and other parts of Canada, including North Shore and South Shore, goes as smoothly as possible.

That’s why we’ve compiled a country-wide database of trusted firms that provide residential and commercial relocation services at a broad range of different budgets and requirements to meet your moving needs.

All you have to do is fill out a short online form and we’ll soon provide your free moving quote to help you pick a long-distance moving company that suits you best.

Our industry partners provide all types of long-distance moving services

With CAmovers, you can find a wide range of services when moving long-distance across Canada or planning a relocation to the USA.

Local moving

Enjoy top-rated local moving services. Our Montreal movers have all the necessary equipment and skills to make your residential moving within Montreal & the surrounding communities convenient, efficient, and reasonably priced. From packing your belongings and disassembling your furniture to safely delivering all items and placing them in your new home. Local moving services are limited to a distance of up to 50 miles from the starting location when hiring a Montreal moving company.

Commercial moving

Find reputable and trusted professional movers for your office relocation in Canada, whether you need local moving or are looking for options for long-distance moves. It's critical to guarantee the safety of all your office equipment, furniture, and documentation when planning commercial moving from Montreal or other cities. At CAmovers, we cooperate with highly rated short- and long-distance moving services for office relocation for different kinds of commercial properties to avoid any risks and hassles for our clients.

Long-distance movers

Long-distance moves are usually more difficult due to the distance, numerous items, and many things to keep in mind during the entire process. That's why we offer our database of the best long-distance movers to meet your needs and simplify the moving process. Whether it's a big or small long-distance move, our partners have enough experience and skills to finish it 100%. With GPS tracking for your belongings, professional services, and even the ability to make trips through difficult-to-access areas, moving long-distance can be much easier and stress-free!

Cross-border moving

Ensure the safety of your moving from Montreal or other cities to the USA with our cross-border services. Long-distance moves to another country can be challenging due to many limitations and rules that may take place when crossing the border, making it sometimes harder than moving long distances across Canada. But, with an experienced crew and a dependable long-distance moving company things become easier. Choose between the best carriers with CAmovers. You can count on our partners when planning your relocation to the USA.

Car shipping

Take advantage of our car shipping services. We cooperate with reputable and fully-equipped carriers who can offer you a variety of options when it comes to transporting your vehicle from the starting point to the final destination. Choose how and when your car will be delivered to your new home. Insurance coverage and protection of your vehicle during the entire transportation process of your long-distance moving is guaranteed.

Storage services

Our partners provide storage services for your relocation needs across Canada. Enjoy climate-controlled and protected storage facilities to safely store some of your belongings. This is very helpful in case of a long-distance move because it can be difficult to transport everything at once, especially bulky items and furniture. You can store all types of your items for short-term or long-term storage depending on your moving needs and budget.

Hiring the right long-distance moving company in Montreal can make all the difference

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Why use Camovers to hire long distance movers?

Your belongings are too valuable to be entrusted to an unknown crew that offers no real guarantees for the quality of their work. By thoroughly and continuously screening and background checking the businesses we work with, and making it easy for you to get a number of custom quotes in Montreal and the rest of the country, we can help you minimize risk and make your relocation that much easier.

Any business we connect you with will:

  • Handle your belongings with utmost care
  • Respect the agreed-upon schedule
  • Stay within the limits of your budget
  • Use flat and transparent pricing
  • Have numerous positive reviews
  • Pass our in-depth vetting process

Avoid many mistakes and hassles by choosing the best moving companies in our database. With reputable and experienced Montreal movers, all your relocation needs, from packing and loading on a moving day to extra services, such as car shipping, storage facilities, and moving across Canada & beyond, will be fulfilled from A to Z!

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Why we're the preferred source for long-distance moving in Montreal?

Commitment to excellence

We periodically re-screen and reference check the businesses in our database to ensure they still meet our high standards of quality and reliability.

Prioritizing convenience

We make requesting quotes from multiple local and long distance movers as easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill out our online form and take your pick.

Lots of options

You'll get to choose from a list of prosperous businesses that are passionate about delivering a great service and ensuring your lasting satisfaction.

Eye for detail

Our extensive industry experience allows us to select only the best of the best among local and long distance moving companies in Canada.

Fair & upfront pricing

To qualify for our database, relocation businesses must use transparent pricing that is 100% free of hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises.

Leading service providers

We're all about connecting our clientele with successful relocation crews that will meet their needs in the most effective and convenient way possible.

Why choose Camovers?
Convenient & affordable
Respected moving companies

Veterans of the industry

At the heart of our company is a team of seasoned experts who know the relocation industry inside-out.

Budget-friendly solutions

Your long distance and local movers will be mindful of your budget and never surprise you with “unexpected” costs and other extra fees.

Prompt & timely

Your service provider will show up at the predetermined time and attend to their duties with maximum efficiency.

Detailed database

Our comprehensive database enables us to find a moving company in Montreal that perfectly meets your needs.

No-obligation estimates

The quotes we supply come at no cost to you and don’t require you to sign anything. Just fill out a short form and enjoy!

Locally sourced

We’re an all-Canadian business that always hires locally and cooperates with Canadian moving companies.

Always here for you

Our customer care staff is ready to answer questions and address any concerns in a timely manner.

Easy to use

All bookings and communications are processed through our user-friendly apps and functionalities.

Great track record

We only work with long-standing firms that have proven they have what it takes to deliver outstanding service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before moving to Montreal?

As the second most productive city in Canada, Montreal offers many job opportunities, especially at the port. Other industries such as textiles, manufacturing, software, and telecommunication also provide plenty of jobs. The unemployment rate is only 7.5%.

Education is widely available and of high quality. There are 4 universities, 7 recognized institutions, and 12 publicly endorsed colleges. It also has the largest number of post-secondary schools of all major cities in the country.

Summers are warm with temperatures of 72 degrees Fahrenheit going up to over 80. Winters are snowy and chilly, with January being the coldest month with an average daily temperature of 15 degrees.

When considering long-distance moving to Montreal, here are additional benefits of living in this city:

  • Montreal offers an affordable cost of living in Canada
  • Montreal has low crime rates and is among the safest cities in Canada
  • Montreal is great for families and raising children due to its many amenities and public schools
  • Montreal’s public bicycle-sharing system is available from April to November
  • Montreal hosts many festivals and cultural events during the year

Why you should hire a long distance moving company?

Unless you have very few belongings that can all fit in a single car, it’s virtually impossible to perform a cross country move without the aid of a dedicated crew. By hiring professional long distance movers in Montreal, you’ll not only save yourself the trouble of having to carry a lot of heavy items on your own, but also ensure these items are professionally packed and safely transported to their destination.

How much will it cost me to move across the country?

Long distance moving companies calculate their prices based on multiple variables. These include distance (going from Montreal to another city naturally costs more than relocating to a different building within the same neighborhood), the total weight of your belongings, whether vehicle shipping and packing materials have been requested, and more. To get a list of estimates from a number of reputable businesses, reach out to Camovers Toronto Moving Company.

You can also fill out an application form on our website to get approximate long-distance moving costs based on the information provided.

How much do you tip long distance movers?

It’s customary to tip long distance movers 10-20% of the total price of the service. Of course, unless the tip is already calculated into the cost, it’s up to you to decide how much extra appreciation you want to show to your crew.

Also, when hiring a long-distance moving company, ask a consultant about ways you can tip your movers. Some companies may only accept cash, while others allow a variety of ways to tip crew, including credit cards, food, drinks, etc.

What distance makes your relocation a long-distance move?

This may vary from company to company. However, distances greater than 60 miles are generally considered a long-distance move in most cases.
At the same time, a distance of up to 50 miles is considered a local move for most companies.

Is there something I can't move?

Yes, some items are prohibited from transport by many companies. That’s why you should ask your long-distance moving consultant for the list of items they do not recommend moving beforehand. Often, the list may include:

  • Flammable chemicals
  • Pesticides, and other hazardous materials
  • Explosives and weapons
  • Gas and oil products
  • Flowers and plants
  • Perishable items

When is it best to hire movers?

When preparing for long-distance moving, it’s best to hire a crew for packing or loading your belongings during the week. Many people usually prefer to relocate on weekends, so if you have free time and want to reduce your long-distance moving costs, hiring a team during the week is a good decision due to better rates.

Where can I find reliable short & long distance moving companies in Montreal & beyond?

Camovers Moving Company caters to public and private clients in Canada who are looking to book high-quality moving services for residential or commercial relocations. We operate throughout the country, so feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for dependable long-distance moving in Calgary, 5-star long distance movers in Edmonton, and so on.

Contact us and obtain a list of free, no-strings-attached estimates today. Whether you’re situated in Downtown Montreal or right next door to the Olympic Stadium, we’ll connect you with a seasoned team that will give you a hassle-free relocation experience.