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Charlottetown City has a long history as a port that services the British Army which acquired its name in 1855 when it was named a city rather than just an unincorporated town as it was referred to before. Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island, which is the largest state in Canada. The region is home to thirty-four thousand, five hundred and sixty-two people as sourced from the 2016 census in the nation.

Moving to Charlottetown Prince Edward Island with Camovers - local and long distance movers in Canada

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Charlottetown Weather Conditions

Charlottetown does not experience a lot of climatic fluctuations through the year with temperatures between eighteen-point five degrees Celsius and negative eight degrees Celsius. This small temperature difference is accompanied by lots of downpours throughout the year. The amount of rain does drop during the summer months and reaches an all-time high in January.

Charlottetown, PEI Financial State

The tourism, agriculture, and industrial sectors are the main pillars of revenue generation for the area. The rich soil that covers its grounds makes the city prime for planting all-year round, which is further facilitated by regular rains. The biggest farms lie just outside Charlottetown. In all the sectors of the locality, residents are averaged to earn about thirty-five thousand, eight hundred and sixty-one dollars

Tourism also plays a paramount role in the facilitation of this town’s economy. Charlottetown is home to conventional attractions such as arts, landmarks, and culture along with unique ones like big candy companies.

Charlottetown, PEI Physical Recreations

Soccer, rugby, football, and baseball among other sports are easy to find in the region. Stratford has played a big role in the popularity of field cricket by building a professional pitch. Tennis courts and running tracks are also scattered all around Charlottetown City.

Labor and Taxes in Charlottetown, PEI

Since tourism is the biggest revenue source for Charlottetown, which it has remained for centuries, it carries the highest employment rate. The contribution to employment is made through cruise ships, tour guides, and the maintenance of landmarks. Currently, the area’s unemployment rate stands at ten percent and has been steady for the past three centuries.

In the case of taxation, the locale is considered to be on the higher side. Retail Sales Tax percentages are accrued from the amount of an item in addition to the GST.

Charlottetown Education

The ELSB is responsible for the provision of public education conducted in English in Charlottetown. The same is offered in French but by the French Language School Commission. University level education is also provided by the University of Prince Edward Island, and several other colleges are also established in the region. Private schooling is also popular in the city.

Charlottetown Transportation

The railway is the main form of transportation in Charlottetown considering it served at the focal point for PEI’s railway network for centuries. Major developments have been made to the network since the twentieth century, and it remains a major player in routes cutting across the province.


The universal medical care provided in the whole country is offered in this city as well. This provision is seen by the Health and Social Services Department.

Moving to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Moving can be a cumbersome task, especially to a city you are yet to be familiar with. Make the process less complicated for yourself by contacting Charlottetown Movers who will be with you every step of the way.

When moving to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, you are assured of top-notch health services, full-blown entertainment, a variety of recreational activities, and other pleasures. If you are eyeing the town as a settlement area, our movers can be of service to move you from your current location to the region without hassle.

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Our streamlined services are available across Canada, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you’re moving from your home near the Confederation Centre of the Arts, or need us to relocate your items to your new residence near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Charlottetown is just one of the cities on Prince Edward Island. You can also depend on us for full-service moving in Vancouver, efficient cross-province moves in Moncton, and the leading long-distance moving services in Regina or Calgary.

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