Moving To London

Choosing to go to another city and start over may not be an easy one, especially due to all the planning and other things that go into it. No one wants to relocate only to have a horrible experience. With moving to London, this will not be a problem you will have to deal with. It is the sixth-largest city in Ontario and the country’s tenth largest.

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For folks coming here for the first time, the place gives them inexpensive housing, beautiful parks, low crime rates, good education, hospitals, and cultural experience. It is also a great place whether one prefers the city life or the close-knit community lifestyle.


The climate is continental with hot and humid summers with average temperatures of twenty degrees Celsius. Winters are cold with temperatures being as low as negative six degrees Celsius.

Healthcare in London ON

When it comes to this, the system in London is one of the best with well-equipped medical facilities. Canadian residents who have a permanent residence permit are eligible for public health insurance which is catered for through the tax system. Thus, one can get treatment as long as they have their medical health card.


There is a wide variety of exceptional learning institutions that have very high rankings and are led by four school boards, two of them English and the other French. The schooling system in the city runs a standard elementary and secondary school format. There are also renowned universities where one can further their education if they choose to.

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Sports in London

In the year two thousand and twelve, London became the first town to host the modern Summer Olympic Games three times. The most popular sport here is football with over twelve football league clubs with five being in the Premier League.

Safety and security in London

London ON is an exceptionally safe place to reside in with the homicide rate just a little above the national average with less than two cases per a hundred thousand people. Reports of violent crime, breaking and entering and theft have reduced in the last couple of years.

Industry in London

You can plan your relocation knowing that finding a job will not be particularly hard as some major industries offer plenty of employment openings. There are manufacturing, financial, emotional and healthcare firms that have offices in the town. Apart from that, London has is a lively technology and gaming sector that has grown thanks to the technical and creative input of many colleges and universities.

If you are looking for a great place to live and raise a family, then this city could be it for you. Apart from being affordable, it is also clean, and the folk here are friendly. Healthcare is top-notch, so is education and there are many job opportunities. Public transport is also very fast and reliable. All this added up to make the town a perfect spot to plan a haul too.

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