Moving To Miramichi

Miramichi is a small town favorite for most people that love the outdoors and adventure. With amenities to match those of most big Canadian cities, and even having one within proximity, this locality has a lot to offer its residents. The low living costs also make it a haven with no traffic serving as a cherry on top.

Weather Condition in Miramichi

Miramichi lies on the cooler side of Canada with its average temperature standing at four-point seven degrees Celsius. During the winter, this number dives as low as negative ten-point eight degrees Celsius while those of summer average at sixty-six-point four degrees Celsius. The town does not get the most sunshine in the country with about two hundred and fifty-one hours in July.

Miramichi Vicinity

This locality came to rise in 1995 with the merging of Chatham and Newcastle, making it among the youngest in the province. It is made up of other small locales along with a couple of service districts.

Financial System of Miramichi

Fishing, forestry, and mining are the town’s major sources of revenue, but numerous other sectors such as:

  • tourism,
  • goods production, and
  • client care services also contribute significantly.

However, the forestry sector has recently seen a slow-down due to the thriving nature of the oil industry in neighboring Alberta. Therefore, a good portion of residents invested in the industry have either relocated to the region or divided their resources to both towns; this has resulted in the closure of several mills. Even so, the Economic Development and Tourism Department is heavily invested in seeing the growth of more sectors in the region with the erection of new companies now and then.

Tourism in Miramichi

Miramichi is heavily dependent on tourism for its thriving nature, which is fueled by being home to a lot of history related to Acadia and the building of vessels. Tourists can learn all about it on the island of Beaubears which is accessed with a short boat ride, and costumed locals can be seen on the river banks, which takes one back in time to the age of Acadians. The island is famous for serving as a haven for expelled residents whose economic activity was building ships.

Tuition in Miramichi

Miramichi is home to eleven public learning institutions all of which adhere to the regulations set up by New Brunswick. The region is home to only one college, which is a branch of the New Brunswick Community College. Even so, residents have an extensive list of courses to choose from.

Sports and Leisure in Miramichi

Miramichi is far from short of amenities that cater to recreation with fully equipped centers that are built to support a variety of events:

  • ice hockey,
  • golfing,
  • swimming,
  • skating, etc.

Therefore, whether you prefer winter or summer sports, the town has you covered on both fronts. Outdoor adventures can also be explored in full swing with the most common being zip lining.

With top-tier facilities, it is no surprise that Miramichi is home to some of the best sports teams, especially in ice hockey and baseball.

Moving to Miramichi

Miramichi Movers are on the ready to help you haul your items to this town if moving is a consideration of yours. We offer free quotes that are adjustable depending on the services you require.