Facts About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, the most populous Atlantic region with about one million people, is known for its historical and scenic beauty. This southeastern Canadian area has only twenty kilometers of land joining it to Canada.

Schooling in Nova Scotia

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When it comes to academic distinction, this region is renowned across the globe. The quality of high school and college education provided in the area opens doors for residents to land spots in top universities and companies around the world with respected grades.

Life quality

Canada is recognized as a diverse region, and this province is among those that help sell this notion. The region is rich in culture practiced by people worldwide thanks to its welcoming nature. This element has been witnessed throughout the region’s history and still stands strong to date.

The climate in Nova Scotia

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This region has the most suitable weather conditions in the state and experiences spring, winter, summer, and fall.

Coastal experience

As earlier mentioned, nearly all of this locality is surrounded by ocean, and this scenic nature is among its most attractive elements. With more than seven thousand, five hundred coastline kilometers, residents are left with a lot to explore. On the upside, one can never be more than one hour’s drive to the ocean despite their location.

Rich in talent

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This area is one of the most artistic regions across the globe. Numerous singers, artists, and writers have their roots in the province and have gone on to gain massive recognition globally.

Financial state

Being surrounded mostly by the ocean, it comes as no surprise that fisheries in this region served as its economic backbone for a long time. In recent times, however, the sector has been quickly overtaken by oil rigs. Tourism has also been focused on with more than two hundred thousand cruise ships ferrying passengers between the mainland and region’s capital. Therefore, people moving there have a diverse number of industries to invest in or find employment.

Population in Nova Scotia

Most of the people in this province have their roots in Scotland. Those from England come in second, followed by the French. Looking at the spoken jargon, English is the most popular with more than ninety-two percent of its people conversant with it.

Catholic and Protestant faiths are practiced by more than half of the province’s people, while most others decline to affiliate themselves with any religion.

International studies in Nova Scotia

More than nine thousand students in not only the province’s colleges but also high schools and language institutions are from outside the country. This number accounts for about ten percent of the students’ population.

Warm welcome

Nova Scotia Long Distance Moving Service Nature

The welcoming nature of Nova Scotia makes it a prime spot for students and tourists alike. The locale boasts one of the lowest crime rates, which makes it a safe region to live in or visit.

Relocating to Nova Scotia

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