Facts About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan takes up a significant bit of the open grasslands in Canada. This area is known for receiving the most sunshine in the country (two thousand to two thousand, five hundred hours per year), in a region renowned for harsh winters.

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Financial State and Job Opportunities

Canada is dependent on this province for most of its food crop with the area producing twenty-eight and fifty-four percent of each respectively. Natural resources like uranium are some other significant exports from the region. The locality boasts the lowest percentages of unemployed populous in the state standing at less than four percent, and the lowest pay is ten dollars and fifty cents for each hour.

Living Cost in Saskatchewan

With the average Saskatchewan family earning about eighty thousand dollars per year, it is no surprise the region is a hot spot for immigrants. Even though the minimum wage is higher than the median one of ten dollars and twenty cents, the living cost is affordable; this is chiefly supported by the rich mineral nature of the province that minimizes fuel costs.

Housing in Saskatchewan

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This region has affordable housing, and urban areas hold sixty-five percent of its inhabitants, which drives up the price of buying or renting a house. Less demand in rural areas makes house pricing more convenient, even though it has been rising of late due to the area’s prosperous financial state. On average, rural houses range between three hundred thousand and three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Medical Care in Saskatchewan

Canada provides universal health care that is funded using taxes. This offer extends from citizens to those who are there legally by Visa. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about incurring any direct costs during most doctor visits. Medical covers vary from one area to the other, but generally, elements like plastic surgery are not included.

Demographics in Saskatchewan

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About thirty-five percent of the people living in this locality are in rural areas, which makes it one of the highest figures across the country. Regina and Saskatoon account for more than half of the remaining sixty-five percent, and this number continues to grow with immigration rising in recent years due to the locale’s thriving economy.


Immigrants are a huge defining factor for the history and culture of this region, much like the rest of the country. The population settling from other regions in the world is expected to rise in the coming years since it is experiencing some of its best figures in the economic sector. The manpower that comes in by the thousands each year helps maintain this thriving status.

Transport System in Saskatchewan

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One can easily walk to numerous facilities in the province without the use of a car. Even so, an efficient fleet of buses has been put in place to allow access to different vicinity. The convenience is made better with the inclusion of bicycle racks at the front of these buses.

Sufficient Wage in Saskatchewan

The past five years have seen the province rise to become the thirst most well-paying province with an average salary of nine hundred and seventy dollars per week. This figure continues to grow with the rising state of the region’s economy.

Moving to Saskatchewan

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