Facts About British Columbia

If you are thinking of organizing a move, British Columbia is one of the best places to reside. Apart from its natural beauty, there are other reasons as to why one should pick this province to settle in such as:

  • High standard of living in British Columbia

The United Nations Human Development Index has regularly ranked Canada as one of the world’s best countries to reside in.

  • Good health facilities in British Columbia

The province has an inexpensive and dependable health care system. After one joins the areas Medical Services Plan (MSP), they will be able to access proper health care, and this is extended to their family members as well.

  • Wages and benefits in British Columbia

Workers in British Columbia earn good wages and can, therefore, have a high standard of living. Plenty of employers give their employees extended benefit plans which have full medical and dental coverage. How much you earn will however be based on your education, experience and the type of job.

  • BC Transit

This is the public transport system, and one can get a local bus map at any public library or station. They help get money for roads, parks, medical centers, schools, etc.

  • Income tax

Every adult in the area is required to file an income tax return every year by April thirtieth.

  • Diverse culture

The community is diverse and welcomes people from all over.

  • Rich cultural heritage

British Columbia has over two hundred thousand indigenous people who have been staying there for close to ten thousand years.

  • Plenty of places to work

There are a lot of industries and jobs in sectors such as agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, etc.

  • It is a secure place 

Proper regulation and low crime rates make it a safe place.

Picking up your life and going to a new place can be taxing, and you might not know what to expect, or how to deal with what you find there. As one takes care of getting their visa and permits, they can also carry out some tasks that will help make sure their transition is smooth and that they are ready to settle in like:

  • In case one has already been approved for Permanent Residency in Canada, they could be able to get online and in-person services even before the move.
  • Get a place to stay at on arrival before you find a permanent home. If probable, look for a place that is near where you want to reside.
  • Do your research on the area so that you do not feel too lost.
  • If you still do not have a job, look for employment openings prior and come up with a strategy to get employed early.
  • Confirm that all your documents are in place.

Every day, more people are deciding to relocate to British Colombia, and so it is rated as one of the top ten places to live in. If you need some assistance with the move, Best Moves advice getting a quote from our website because we have reputable, certified, experienced, reliable, professional – the best moving companies in Canada.