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Located around Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe, Barrie is a breathtaking waterside municipal. Numerous recreational resources are available in this urbanite are useful during the summer season. During winter, inhabitants of this city have access to ski hills, ski trails across the country, and ice fishing for recreation purposes.

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The city of Barrie has been ranked among the quickest developing and most vibrant urbanites in Canada. Multiple civil service amenities and top-tier institutions and schools have aided in the development of the town. Certificate, diploma, and degree programs are offered at Georgian College while health facilities such as Royal Victoria and Muscoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Center provide medical services to the residents.

Services and facilities available in Barrie are standard and have a large city feel but the ambiance maintained gives a small settlement aura. Real estate has competitive rates, parks, dog parks, and suburbs surrounded by a harbor has led to this metropolis being classified as the 3rd top places to invest in Ontario realty by Real Estate Investment Network. This locality is accommodating to individuals and families from all walks of life regarding lifestyle.

Barrie Weather Conditions

Warm moist summers and icy winters are experienced in Barrie. The overall weather condition of the region is best described as humid inland. Twenty-six point three degrees Celsius is the July maximum while January averages at a minimum of negative twelve points four degrees Celsius. The region has four distinct seasons with considerable length in between.

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Education in Barrie

At a public level, two main English school boards operate in this city. For Simcoe and Barrie counties, The Simcoe County District School Board is in charge of public education. The Catholic populace is catered to by the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. There are two French boards in the locale and a decent number of private institutes. The main campus of Georgian College located in this locale hosts over one hundred thousand full-time students and twenty-five thousand part-time learners.

Transport in Barrie

The primary mode of transportation for Barrie residents is the road. Highway 400 serves to connect this jurisdiction with Toronto. Highway 26, offers a link between Barrie and Collingwood zone. Public transportation is available and is being delivered by Barrie transit. The system serves many bus channels in the town. Back in the day, this region was served by a programmed traveler rail service. This service came to a halt in 1980 and was replaced by an interurban rail system.

Skating is the dominant sport recognized in Barrie, and the city boasts of big names on the same such as Jeffrey Buttle, Brian Orser, and Elvis Stojko, among others.

Barrie Festivals

The summer season has a host of commemorations that the people of Barrie get to celebrate. During the other seasons, fewer festivals are celebrated. Most of the celebrations are held in one location in downtown Barrie. One of the most famous annual festivals is Kempenfest which takes place in the 1st week of August. It is an arts and craft celebration with live performances, events for kids, and food demos. Over three hundred artisans grace this event. There are many other festivities such as the Jazz and Blues Festival, Winterfest, and the Barrie Waterfront Festival among others.

Art in Barrie

Maclaren Art Center (MAC) and three other galleries in this municipality display artistic pieces from Canadian and international artists. MAC has over twenty-seven thousand pieces in its permanent collection and is famous for Auguste’s sculpture ‘The Thinker.’

Economy in Barrie

Noteworthy establishments in Barrie’s economy that offers jobs include:

  • Health facilities
  • Learning institutions
  • The finance sector
  • Production companies such as Coca Cola Bottling Company
  • Tech centers
  • Media houses, etc.

The ninety-kilometer distance from Barrie to Ontario has led to out-of-town travel by thirty-two percent of the residents for employment. Twenty-eight percent of the workforce in the city comes in from other regions as well.

Moving to Barrie

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